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Hoshino's Interview (Part 4)

The last part of Hoshino's interview has been posted. Siberia has written a summary of what happened:

"this time Hoshino mainly discussed
1. the impact of switching to SQ (more or less the same as the translation posted before)
2. her message to DGM readers (its really touching)
3. her thought towards DGM storyline (the main storyline is almost fixed , no more major changes will be made but she always comes up with new ideas)
4. how she thinks about drawing facial expressions of DGM charactors.
5. how she thinks about Allen walker who would prefer hiding his thought inside
6. the scene of the 14th's appearance in front of LNL in ch.184 where the readers were shocked.
7. She might draw a manga about a soba's restaurant in the future, but Kanda will not appear definitely
8. Hoshino prefers adding some funny stories in the manga to make it lively but her editor rejected.
9. Komui, Johnny and Levvier are like normal men so they show everything on their face. But Allen isn't really like an easy charactor to draw and so far she isn't satisfied with that. (where brought out the discussion about the appearance of 14th in ch.184)
10. Hoshino cares about the details so much and she often gives difficult tasks to her assistants for drawing backgrounds.

the interview is interesting overall. I have brought out some main ideas in the interview and please feel free to add anything I might have missed. I will also put a translation if no one is working on it. (its way too time-consuming XD)"

strike_kun has posted French translations for all four parts. Likewise, subaru_san has translated the parts into English. Thanks!
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